Tomography Center

The 450kV of the CT allows us to scan all kind of different density material to assure an excellent quality.

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Ferrous metal

Ferrous metal


Non-ferrous metal


Ferrous metal

Equipment: V|Tome|x c scatter|correct 450kV

Detail detectability: 87 µm – 139 µm

Max. 3D scan area d x h: 250mm x 1,000mm, up to 50kg

Software analysis: Volume Graphics

Capacity​:​ 10​,000 pcs/year


  • Control of the productive process for critical/non-critical samples.
  • Continuous improvement to optimize scrap costs.
  • Guarantee internal sanity to fulfil the customer’s quality requirements.
  • Reverse Engineering Applications for low density materials.
  • Different kind of analysis.


Enhanced Porosity/Inclusion Analysis
Locate pores, holes, and inclusions and get information about these defects. Support defect analyses in accordance with VDG rules P201 and P202.
Wall thickness Analysis
Localization of areas with an insufficient or excessive wall thickness.
Nominal/Actual Comparison
Comparison manufactured parts with Cad, Mesh or other manufactured part.
Coordinate Measurement
Measurements on voxel, mesh, and Cad data.


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